digital art

DIGITAL ART - an artform to express unknown visual terrain

When entering the computer graphics arena in 1988 I found that I could still utilize my earlier experience from silk screening on textiles -

and even break new grounds when merging the two technologies.
Now the composition, and the fine tuning of the image, was made possible in a faster, cleaner - and even subtler - way.

As time has passed my affection for the continuously developing electronic tools has been
on the rise, and those are today my main working tools.

However, no compromise is made during the transfer to the final medium, which may now be nearly any kind of substrate.- Selection depending on motif and size.
Speaking as a computer graphics artist it seems to me that the future, technical possibilities of the final results are indeed limitless.
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In this gallery you will find a selection of computer generated art,

entirely computer made.
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Updated March 2021